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On The Menu: Hot Diggity Dog!

What's On the Menu Today at CHEFScatalog? Regional hotdogs!

Every year, Americans eat about 9 billion hot dogs, and various regions around the country have developed their signature style dog. Next time you’re in the mood to dress up your hot dog, try one of these regional favorites, regardless of where you live! All-the-Way (West Virginia): Yellow mustard, chopped onions, chili and coleslaw. Chicago Dog (Illinois): Yellow mustard, chopped

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On The Menu: Pie! Pie! Pie!

What's On The Menu Today at Pie Pie Pie!

The foundation of any pie is the crust. A tender, flaky crust is a must for any pie! Try these tips to help perfect your pie crust making: Chill the ingredients: Keep butter or shortening cold to help ensure a flaky crust. After mixing, chill the dough an hour before rolling out.   Avoid developing gluten: Avoid over handling the

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