What’s New in Grilling Tools?

What's new in Grilling Tools at CHEFScatalog.com?

Four Grilling Tools from CHEFScatalog.com Each year when I haul out my grill, I look at my tired grill tools and yearn to replace them. Not that there’s anything wrong with them necessarily (although the wood is cracking in the handle of my flipper), but the new stuff looks so cool!

Yes, I have a “thing” for new kitchen and grill gadgets; I admit it. But don’t we all? I mean, look at those turners. The one I have doesn’t have holes in it. I’m sure that would work better. And those lifters would be a great asset. That grill press? It looks so cool as a rectangle, rather than the round one I have and those skewers are bamboo, not metal—that has to be better.

So, yes, I spend an inordinate amount of time each summer salivating not over the food I’m grilling but over the newest grill tools that I want to add to my collection. I totally sympathize with you and have, therefore, pulled together some of the best—and the coolest—of CHEFS new grill toys, er, tools. Plus a few standard “must haves” that aren’t new. First the four newbies.

CHEFS Flameproof Vertical Chicken Roaster at CHEFScatalog.com CHEFS Flameproof Vertical Chicken Roaster

Most people who have roasted a chicken on the grill have heard of, or used, a beer can roaster. CHEFS new vertical chicken roaster with a removable insert takes the concept further, creating a healthier construction and a more efficient design.

This roaster has a glazed surface that is nonabsorbent and naturally stick-resistant. Add marinade, beer, or wine into the insert and the liquid will infuse the chicken for a moist, savory flavor throughout. The deep base has plenty of room to add potatoes, vegetables, spices, and herbs. This thing is oven-, grill-, and microwave-safe.

What customers are saying:

  1. Customer from New Hampshire: “We love the big size of the pan, including the deep sides, for cooking on the grill.”
  2. Customer from Michigan: “So glad I purchased this product. Just love it. Easy to use & cleanup is a breeze, Made chicken and added vegetables, potatoes, etc., to the pan. Everything came out perfect. One meal in around an hour.”
CHEFS Enameled Cast Iron La Plancha Griddle at CHEFScatalog.com CHEFS Enameled Cast-Iron La Plancha Griddle

What’s a “La Plancha Griddle”? Essentially, it’s a griddle that can be used outdoors. Extend the use of your barbecue grill with this 175 square inches of cooking surface griddle. It heats evenly and cooks veggies, seafood, or meat quickly—or fry eggs, bacon, and pancakes with ease.

The La Plancha has a backstop that helps you easily turn or remove food, while the smooth flat surface distributes grill heat evenly and keeps food from falling through the grates.

What customers are saying:

  1. Customer from Florida: “Great for the stovetop and outdoor grill. … The cooking surface is large and heats evenly.”
  2. Customer from West Virginia: “This piece of culinary equipment has already more than lived up to my expectations. … It is not a gimmick, but a tool that elevates your cooking skills to a new level.”
CHEFS Carbon Steel Ceramic Nonstick Outdoor Grill Roaster at CHEFScatalog.com CHEFS Carbon Steel Ceramic Nonstick Outdoor Grill Roaster

This unique outdoor barbecue roaster is made from heavy-gauge carbon steel with a ceramic coating. And what does that mean to you? That means with this grill tool, you’ll experience even heating and nonstick release—which is just great!

Plus, perforations in the roaster allow that outdoor chargrilled flavor you’re seeking, regardless of what you prepare in it: vegetables, seafood, meat, fruit. And you can fix your shish kebabs without threading skewers, if you desire.

What customers are saying:

  1. Customer from South Carolina: “Eureka! I finally found the perfect outdoor grill roaster. CHEFS grill roaster gets the job done better than any previously used brand or model. … Using the CHEFS Grill Roaster has made my grilling a whole lot more enjoyable!”
  2. Customer from Connecticut: “Wonderful addition to our grilling ware. This pan is easy to clean, and the vegetables are easy to flip with the slanted sides. We plan to try shrimp next time. This will be a frequently used item this summer.”
CHEFS Enameled Cast Iron Grill Press at CHEFScatalog.com CHEFS Enameled Cast-Iron Grill Press

This grill press, at 9-inches square and 1/2-inch thick, is massive. With a weight of almost seven pounds, it easily presses a whole split chicken, Texas-sized steaks, or multiple 1/4-pound hamburgers on the grill—or in a pan.

The natural weight of this press, with its grilling ridges, creates perfect grill marks while pressing out grease to make food healthier. You’ll have no trouble keeping your food in continuous contact with your grill grate or pan, whether you’re cooking meat, poultry, or seafood. And you’ll create ideal sear marks for your paninis and bistro-style sandwiches.

Some tried and true favorites

Those four new tools need to be in my grilling arsenal, but I also want to talk about three of my favorite tools that, for me, make grilling a way of life, not just something I do. These are all highly recommended by CHEFS’ community of customers, with each being a five star product.

CHEFS Potato Grilling Rack at CHEFScatalog.com CHEFS Potato Grilling Rack

Nothing beats a grill-baked baked potato—and this potato rack makes it easy to grill moist, light, and fluffy potatoes with delicious seasoned skins. Ideal for Yukon gold, red, or sweet potatoes.

  • Customer from Maine: “This potato grill rack is heavy-duty and VERY well-made. Grill-baked potatoes are exceptionally delicious…a wonderful product.”


CHEFS Cheese Melting Dome at CHEFScatalog.com CHEFS Cheese Melting Dome

This CHEFS favorite captures heat to melt cheese quickly and infuse more grilled flavor into your hamburgers. In addition, this dome (in two sizes, 9- and 13-inch) prevents melt-offs, reduces flare-ups, and decreases cooking time. Works with hamburgers, chicken, pork, and vegetables.

  • Customer from New Jersey: “I found so many more uses for these than just melting cheese on burgers. A must have for every kitchen.”
CHEFS Flameproof Pizza Stone

This round pizza stone adds authentic brick oven style crispness, whether used on a grill or in the oven. And, with the wide-grip handles, it’s easy to move it with a hot pad or oven glove. Plus, the superior heat conductivity means heat rises uniformly to bake calzones, breads, rolls, or pastries. The glazed ceramic surface releases food easily for simple cleanup.

  • Customer from New York: “We make homemade pizza a lot. We have tried several pizza stones. They were fine, but cracked after 6 months. THIS stone gives us the tastiest crispy crust! The pizza does not stick to the stone and it cleans up with ease.”

CHEFS top rated products at CHEFScatalog.com

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