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Over the last week, here at CHEFS Mix we’ve talked about a lot of coffee-related gift ideas. Coffee makers of various shapes and sizes are often high on the gift list for the coffee maven in your life. Whether your coffee drinker is a college student or a bit of a coffee snob, you’ll find just what you’re looking for here. Just identify your coffee drinker below.

College student or single coffee drinker?

KitchenAid Personal Coffee Maker at CHEFScatalog.com A personal brewer that takes up very little space may be on the list for your college student–or for yourself, if you’re the only one in your house that drinks coffee. KitchenAid’s Personal Coffee Maker has the capacity to brew up to four (4.5 ounce) cups at a time (that’s 18 ounces of coffee, about the size of a large thermal travel mug—which it conveniently comes with). Also ideal for a work cubicle coffee maker.

What makes this one so convenient is that it does not have a carafe and instead brews directly into a travel mug. Less clean up! (If you’ve been in a dorm room lately, you’ll know this is important.) But the coffee it makes tastes good, too, largely because of the showerhead (which rains the water down on the grounds) and the flat-bottomed, gold-tone coffee filter. (See more.)

Coffee lover?

Cuisinart’s Coffee On Demand Coffee MakerCuisinart Coffee On Demand Coffee Maker at CHEFScatalog.com can brew up to 12 cups of coffee (5 ounce cups), but dispenses it just one cup at a time—no carafe to clean (or break). The exclusive coffee gauge on the front counts down the number of cups remaining. Plus, 24-hour programmability and adjustable auto shutoff.

Cuisinart keeps the coffee flowing! And the removable water reservoir makes fill-ups easier than ever. With the exclusive Coffee Gauge on the front of the unit to count down cups remaining, this is every coffee lover’s dream machine. (See more.)

Coffee shop aficiando?

Cuisinart Pump Espresso MakerCuisinart Espresso Machine at CHEFScatalog.com: At the push of a button, you can brew one or two cups of espresso with this machine’s efficient 1,000-watt heating element and 15 bars of pressure and serve as your own barista right at home. Efficient 1,000-watt heating element and 15 bars of pressure quickly brew one or two cups of ground espresso or pod.

The stainless steam wand and frothing cup effortlessly turn espresso into a cappuccino, latté or café mocha. Like top-of-the-line commercial espresso machines, this one keeps cups warm and ready with the top warming plate. All your barista-wanna-be will need is the green apron! (See more.)

Coffee innovator?

Remington iCoffee Steam Brew Coffee Maker at CHEFScatalog.com The latest thing to hit the coffee world is Remington’s iCoffee Coffee Maker. Through combining steam and their patented rotational hot water jets that stir the grounds, Remington has created a machine that releases optimum flavor and minimizes bitterness, producing superb coffee crema.

And, just for fun, the big window at the front of the machine allows you to watch this system in action as the grounds tumble and swirl in the hot water and the crema is produced. More good news? Remington suggests the iCoffee will allow you to use less coffee (15 percent less) to get the same results—and that claim stood up to testing in our review. (See more.)

Coffee auteur?

Sowden Softbrew Coffee Maker at CHEFScatalog.comCoffee connoisseurs can taste the distinctive difference between a Columbian from Kenyan, Arabic, Brazilian or Jamaican beans using the Sowden SoftBrew Coffee Maker. More coffee-related gift ideas at CHEFScatalog.com Invented in Italy in 2010 by designer George Sowden, it acts much like a French press. However, instead of requiring the press mechanism, a filter stays put in the top of a porcelain chamber. You simply add your water to your coffee grounds, wait a few minutes (4-8) and pour. The exclusive brewing method brings out the distinctively rich, full-bodied flavor of your coffee beans.

This coffee maker prepares coffee to the strength you prefer, and prevents grounds from transferring into your cup. Ergonomic insulated handle with thumb rest and dripless slow-pour spout for precise serving. (See more.)

Shop the Fresh Valley Collection at CHEFScatalog.com

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