Product Review: Magimix Vision Toaster

Do you ever give much thought to your toaster? Yeah, your toaster. If you’re like me, that’s one kitchen device you tend to take for granted. Bread (or bagels or leftover pancakes) go in and toast (or toasted bagels or warmed pancakes) comes out. What’s to improve on?Old Toaster at

But, then I started thinking about the things that drive me crazy about my toaster:

  • Dial tampering: Someone else in the house changes the dial of the toaster away from my perfect setting and I fail to notice. I put my toast in expecting toast perfection and instead I receive toast briquettes.
  • Bagel bake: The perfect toasted bagel toasts the flat side and leaves the rounded backside warmed, but not crispy, right? Does your toaster do that? Yeah, mine either.
  • Frozen tundra: Someone uses the last of the bread and doesn’t get another loaf out of the freezer. Then when I want toast in the morning, I have to either run the toaster twice or guess at where toast perfection is on the dial for frozen bread—and usually I’m right back at briquettes.
  • Delayed gratification: Just as I put my toast in the toaster the dogs, Pete and RePete, start dancing at the back door with their back legs crossed. Dogs do not know the meaning of the words, “Just hold it!” When I come back, my toast is done, it looks toast-perfect, but it’s c-o-l-d. Another push of the toast button will turn it into briquettes.

Now, without a doubt, these are not “end of the world” problems—it just seems like it. But, wouldn’t it be nice if a toaster could anticipate these scenarios and respond appropriately?

Hello, Magimix Vision Toaster!

Magimix Vision Toaster Product Review at CHEFScatalog.comI’ve been using a new toaster lately, and I have to say I’ve been thrilled with the results. The Vision Toaster by Magimix is bringing sanity back to my morning toast routine—and it’s doing so in a visually appealing way.

You see, the key feature of the Vision Toaster is that it has double-insulated, see-through, glass windows. You can watch your bread toasting, which is actually kind of cool. But other than the cool factor, it also means no more briquettes!

  • If someone tampers with the dial, and I don’t notice, I can actually see how done my toast is getting and can press the Stop button when I reach toast perfection.
  • My bagels come out toasty on the toasty side and warm on the other side when I use the Bagel button.
  • If I am faced with frozen bread, I put the toast in as usual and press the Defrost button. After the toaster defrosts my bread, it then toasts it to toast perfection.
  • If I get interrupted by the dogs while toasting—no worries! The Reheat button will warm things up without turning my toast into briquettes and without drying it out.

What’s the toast like?

Delightfully crisp on the outside, while remaining light, fluffy, and moist on the inside—toast perfection.

A minor quibble: We like artisan bread. The Vision Toaster is a wide, single slot toaster. It easily holds two normal, store-bought-size slices of bread, as well as two slices of many artisan breads. But some of the breads we like are pretty wide and we can only toast one piece at a time. (I said it was a minor quibble.)

Another plus is that there doesn’t seem to be any “toasting fatigue” on the Vision Toaster. Each piece toasted gets browned to the same degree (depending upon where you set the dial, of course), even if placed in the toaster while it is still warm from a previous use.

How does it work?

Rather than the traditional coils of most toasters, the Vision Toaster uses four quartz heating elements—two at the top and two at the bottom—to ensure even toasting every time. While the metal housing at the top—where you put the bread in—does get warm (though not hot), the glass windows stay remarkably cool because of the double insulation. So, if curious little hands that live in your home try to touch the windows there is no risk of getting burnt or even startled.


Another quibble I have with my old toaster—I should say, a quibble my wife has, let’s be honest—is that we have to turn the toaster upside down and shake out the crumbs that accumulate at the bottom. With the Vision Toaster, a collection tray slides out from one end of the toaster for easy dumping.

Under the toaster, just off to the side, is a latch that releases the glass windows. Each window is on a hinge to swing down for cleaning. With the window down you can, if you’re that kind of person, take a damp cloth to the interior of the toaster as needed.

Your turn: What drives you crazy about your old toaster?

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