Show Pizza Some Amore

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“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!”
Jack Brooks and Harry Warren, from the song That’s Amore, sung by Dean Martin

Chances are you love pizza.

Chances are you love pizza a lot.

According to the Web site, which cites Your Guide to Pizza from The Pizza Marketplace, every year Americans:

  • Eat 252 million pounds of pepperoni
  • Consume 46 slices of pizza
  • Buy 3 billion pizzas
  • Spend $32 billion on pizza
  • Wolf down 350 slices of pizza per second

In fact, 93 percent of us (Americans) choose to eat pizza at least once each month.

We amore pizza!

Earlier in this series of blogs, you learned all about pizza stones and pizza pans. (See that blog here.) Now it’s time to delve a little deeper.

Tools to help you love pizza more

We love pizza too—and we have the tools to prove it. As a pizza aficionado, these tools will help you and your family to make the most of your pizza eating experiences:

Pizza cuttersPizza Cutter at

Back in college, we used whatever sharp implement we could find to slice our homemade pizzas (or the barely cut delivered ones). Scissors, steak knives, a metal ruler—even a set of box cutters. Did they work? Sure, after a fashion, but we often burned our fingers on the hot sauce, dragged the cheese from one side of the pizza to the other, and generally made a mess out of the pies.

Don’t let that happen to you. Try one of these solutions instead:

  • Rocking cutters: There’s a reason why professional pizza chefs use rocking cutters. They are fast, accurate, and safe. Their curved, extra-sharp stainless steel blades help you instantly create uniform slices—while keeping your knuckles out of the sauce.
  • Pizza wheels: Stainless steel wheels easily slice through thick or thin crusts with their beveled slicing edge and ergonomic, easy-grip handle. There’s even a plastic wheel for nonstick pans.

Pizza peels

Pizza peelsPizza peel at easily transport pizzas, focaccia breads, and more from your oven to your table—and into the eager hands of your dinner guests. Used in conjunction with pizza stones (which should heat up in the oven before the pizza is placed on them), they’re available in wood or aluminum.

Just slide the pizzas off them with a gentle shake, then slide the peel back under the fully cooked pie to remove from the stone. No more juggling your heavy stones.

Other great stuff

Some of these toys—er, tools—are specifically for pizza, but others have uses beyond your weekly pizza party.

  • Mixing bowl: Every kitchen can use a large bowl—and it’s the ideal size to hand mix your pizza dough. But it’s uses are many. This 12-quart stainless-steel bowl makes canning easier and allows you to blend multiple batches of bread or cookie dough, toss and serve a jumbo salad, or offer your guests a mega-size bowl of popcorn or chips.
  • Cheese graters: Nothing really perks up a pizza like fresh ground mozzarella and parmesan. Throw in some asiago also and, well, pizza heaven. Cheese graters can do the trick for you.Pizza Docker at
  • Dough Docker Roller: You know those annoying air bubbles that form when you’re baking a pizza? This docker can help eliminate those before they happen.
  • Stone Scrubber: Of course, using your pizza stones over time is what makes them well-seasoned, but now and then a pizza may stick a bit. This heavily bristled scrubber brush will clean that debris off and help preserve your stones—but don’t use soap on your stones!

So, don’t be shy about your love for pizza! There’s nothing to be ashamed of. A well turned out pizza on a golden crust sure has been known to turn my eye.

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