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Struttin’ with some barbeque,

Swingin’ with the band;

Like the happy people do

Way down in Dixie land

“Struttin’ With Some Barbecue” (music Lil Hardin, lyrics Don Raye)

When great American jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong first recorded Struttin’ With Some Barbecue in 1927, he captured in music the flavor of what many consider an iconic American tradition—the grilling of meat (and fish and chicken and vegetables) over an open flame.

While Satchmo may have had other reasons to record the song, there’s no denying that the song evokes a New Orleans barbecue and that leads nicely to the topic of grilling. With the season set to begin in earnest over the Memorial Day weekend, the timing couldn’t be better.

In this series of blogs, we’ll strut with some barbecue and learn about different types of BBQ as well as the best ways to grill your favorite foods. Today, we set the stage and look at some essential tools of the trade.

If you’re setting up your first grill, or you’ve misplaced your basic tools over the winter, a good set of grilling tools will serve you well. Plus, with the sturdy storage case these can travel with you from grill to grill—a sort of Have Tools, Will Travel situation. This 18-piece set is outfitted with hardwood, extra-long handles for safe grilling.

Spice things up!

Hotdog roller at CHEFScatalog.comA staple of the grilling season are the “tube meats”—hotdogs, bratwursts, and sausages. Everyone loves them, from the kids to Grandma. CHEFS stainless-steel hot dog roller ensures the dogs brown evenly, plus the elevated surface helps prevent charring and preserves all the nuances of flavor your family demands as they wolf them down and ask for more.

For something a little spicier, try roasting some jalapeno peppers with Charcoal Companion’s stainless steel roasting rack. By “some” we mean a lot! This rack holds up to three dozen stuffed jalapeno peppers—that’s enough for you and the neighbors.

Use your imagination when roasting peppers. There are endless variations. Using Anaheims and even banana peppers, try stuffing them with minced beef or poultry fillings and gourmet spices. Feeling Italian? Stuff your peppers with minced sausage, spices, and serve with a side of marinara sauce for dipping.

Did I mention the pepper roaster can also be used in an oven and, like the hot dog roller, is dishwasher-safe? Easy clean-up is vital to this chef!

Specialty grilling

Among my favorite items to grill are kabobs. That combined taste sensation of grilled meat, potatoes, and vegetables can’t be beat. Problem? I find it difficult to uniformly gri

ll the kabobs and my veggies have a tendency to fall off the skewer and through the grill grate.

Kabob baskets allow me to enjoy those co-mingled flavors without risk of losing part of the meal to the coals. Plus, with no need to soak the skewers or to stack the foods onto them, I can be grill ready even sooner—always a good thing. These kabob baskets are nickel-plated, which makes cleanup a breeze—warm, soapy water.

Quesadilla grill basket at CHEFScatalog.comFinally, how about a grilled quesadilla? You can grill quesadillas? Sure, with the right tools you can grill almost anything. Charcoal Companion has a quesadilla grill basket you’ll find yourself using over and over to easily make authentic restaurant-style quesadillas.

How does it work? Simply place a flour tortilla (up to 12-inches in diameter) inside the Charcoal Companion basket, add peppers, onions, grilled chicken, black beans, and cheese—whatever you want—then top with another tortilla and grill. It couldn’t be easier. A couple of minutes on each side is all it takes to serve this savory southwestern specialty. Flipping the basket is safe and easy with the wooden-grip handle and the latch that secures the basket.

Interested in even more grilling tools? Browse here.


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Your Turn: Are you grilling over Memorial Day weekend? If so, what will you prepare?

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