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Early Summer Fall Catalog | CHEFS MixIn CHEFS new summer catalog, you will see a new name in our cookware assortment: Staub. But they aren’t new to making cookware. In fact, many of you will already be familiar with the Staub name. However, if you aren’t, let me tell you a little bit about what makes this cookware unique.

Staub cookware had their beginning in the Alsace region of France, where in 1974 their first enameled cast-iron cookware was produced. This region of France is renowned for its one-pot meals. The founder of Staub was looking to perfect the cookware that was used to create these comforting and hearty meals.

Staub Cocotte at CHEFScatalog.comFor centuries, cast iron has been a preferred cooking surface of chefs because of its superb heat distribution and retention. The Staub founder, Francis Staub chose cast-iron as the material of choice, and added an enamel coating and cooking surface. The perfect marriage of form and functionality.

The final design of the pot lends itself to self-basting, making it ideal for one-pot and long simmering recipes. And the longer you cook with a piece of Staub cookware, the better it performs. Everyday use naturally continues to keep the cooking surface seasoned without any additional maintenance to the finish.

Features of Staub Cookware

Staub Self-Basting Lid | CHEFS Mix

Natural Simmering System: Spikes on the underside of the lids of the Staub cocotte enable drops of condensation to continuously and uniformly fall, self basting the meats, entrees and stews simmering in the pot, ensuring rich and tender juicy flavor. This self-basting cycle ensures the flavors of the ingredients are retained in their full intensity and their nutritional worth is preserved.

Tight-fitting Lids: The superior construction of the Staub cookware and lids help ensure that the lid and body of the cocotte come together in such a way as to prevent the escape of the internal humidity created during the cooking process. After 55 minutes of cooking, the Staub cocotte retains 10% more moisture than similar products.

Staub Grill Pan | CHEFS Mix

Textured, Black Enameled Cooking Surface: Black enamel interior is a superior cooking environment for nonstick braising and caramelizing. The high-quality enamel resists thermal shocks and scratching. The unique texturing enhances the browning and searing properties of the pan. And no initial seasoning is required.

Beautiful Oven to Table Design: The multiple coats on durable enameling is scratch-resistant and will not chip, discolor or rust. The beauty of the Staub cookware will move from the stovetop or oven to the table with ease.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite one-pot or long simmering meals? Share with us!

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