Oh so sweet: Five layer cake ideas for your next event

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Chocolate Cake | CHEFS MixWho doesn’t love a good layer cake? These delectable, sweet treats are great for every occasion, and make the perfect end to just about any meal. If you’ve volunteered to bring the dessert to your social circle’s next get-together, you probably can’t go wrong with a layer cake. Nonetheless, there are a few classic combinations that are tailor-made to match particular occasions.

Dinner party: Classic layer cake

Dinner parties are all about conversation, so your cake doesn’t need to overshadow any other aspects of the meal. Go the classic route and opt for a vanilla layer cake with traditional buttercream frosting. Bonus? This tried-and-true combo is unlikely to put anyone off. We recommend sticking with an unflashy two or three layers for this creation.

Baby shower: Get creative with color

If your friend is expecting a bundle of joy, it’s time to get creative with color. Layer cakes are the perfect way to showcase the baby’s sex, so use food dye to color vanilla layers either blue or pink. We love the idea of dying each layer with a different shade of pink or blue. You could also opt to stick with good, old-fashioned vanilla cake, and simply use food coloring to create pink or blue frosting in between the layers. Even better? Use blueberry or strawberry filling! If the parents have opted to wait until the baby’s birth to learn their child’s sex, just go crazy with both colors.

Pool party: Incorporate the tastes of summerCoconut Cake | CHEFS MIx

If you’re hosting a pool party, take a cue from the weather and turn to tropical, season-specific flavors. Coconut cake is one of our all-time faves, as coconut’s unique flavor is both warm and summery-sweet. Use yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, and sprinkle coconut flakes between the layers. Want to jazz it up even more? Incorporate lemon curd into the coconut for a truly bright and sunny taste.

Bachelorette/Bachelor party: Go dark

If your friend, child or soon-to-be daughter- or son-in-law invites you to her or his last romp, now isn’t the time to stick with safe, traditional choices. Keep things lively and sultry with a dark chocolate layer cake with rich raspberry filling. If the guest of honor isn’t crazy about chocolate, red velvet is a great alternative. Red velvet layers pair perfectly with cream cheese frosting.

Kids’ birthday party: Draw your inspiration from childhood favorites

Kids of all ages love sugar – that’s no secret. If you’re hosting a party for one of your favorite little ones, create a layer cake inspired by the birthday boy or girl’s favorite junk food! Lovers of Oreos will be thrilled by a cookies n’ cream layer cake. In a food processor, blend Oreo cookies with buttercream icing to create a deliciously sweet frosting. Spread it over chocolate cake layers, and you’ve got a delish and kid-friendly concoction. This trick works for just about any cookie or candy type.

Frosting a layer cake | CHEFS MixTips for baking your layer cake

Whether you’re new to baking or simply want to improve your layer cake-making skills, there are a few things to be aware of when creating these lovely and classic confections. You can choose to make layer cake from scratch, or opt to save time by purchasing a mix from the store. The same goes for frostings and glazes – though we’re preferential to homemade baking, ourselves.

After you take the cake out of the oven, you’ll be tempted to start spreading the filling and frosting right away. Resist the temptation. The cake layers must be allowed to cool before you can start spreading. If you jump the gun, you’ll discover that the warm cake sticks to your spatula as you try to spread the frosting, resulting in a crumbly mess.

Once the cake has cooled, you’re ready to spread the filling, stack the layers and cover the entire cake with an outer layer of frosting. Now you’re ready to decorate and serve!

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Your turn: What are some of your go-to layer cake flavors for parties?


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