For the Love of Infographics

Remember when the best tips you could get for cooking came from family and friends? We wrote it down on a card, scrap of paper, or back of a recipe and filed it away in a recipe box. Thanks to the internet and social media (I am looking at you, Pinterest), we have access to so much more information. If you are willing to try it, you can probably find a tip, technique, or recipe for even the most complicated kitchen and cooking projects.

I am always on the lookout for interesting items on the web. When I find something I typically print it and save it. Most times, I find a delicious sounding recipe on a blog or a time saving tip that I want to try. But sometimes I find a really interesting infographic.

Knowledge through imagery

If you are not familiar with them, an infographic is a pictorial representation of a collection of information. Sometimes about one topic. Sometimes about several related topics. Wikipedia defines them as “graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.”

Yeah, OK. Way to over complicate it, Wikipedia. How about this: Infographics are a pretty picture that tells a story or relays information. Its the modern day version of what we used to jot down.

I have a weakness for infographics. Being someone who collects cookbooks and recipes, I have several binders of tidbits of information I have collected over the years. When infographics started gaining in popularity over the past couple of years, I was hooked. I have collected just a few (okay—a binder full) of infographics that I think are helpful and useful in my kitchen.

You can find infographics all over the web, but here are a few that I think you will find useful and will want to print out and save.

The Kitchen Cheat Sheet

A great overall cheat sheet for a lot of information, from measurements to cuts of meat. It is pretty handy.

How Fresh is Your Fridge

Helpful reminders of how long basic staple items can be stored in the fridge. The nose doesn’t always know what is good or bad when it comes to the fridge.

Month to Month Veggies and Fruits

Everyone seems to be trying to shop more seasonally and locally. A handy quick reference on what is in season across the lower 48.

Pairing Wine & Food

A simple beginners guide to wine pairings.

16 Flavors of Cheese: Flavor Traits & Related Cheeses

A handy breakdown of the flavor traits of different cheeses. Helps make those wine and cheese party parings easy.

Baking Starter Breads

Bread starters can be a little confusing and daunting for the novice baker. I like the breakdown this infographic gives on making and caring for a starter.

The Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet

I am not a vegan or vegetarian. I am happily omnivorous. But I have friends and loved ones who are, and I like to be able to bake for them too. This has been a handy helper when I am making conversions from regular to vegan.

Your Turn: What infographics have you seen that were especially good (share a link if you have one)? What topics would you like to see converted into an infographic?


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