No Foolin’: New Custom KitchenAid Stand Mixer Just for Mom!

Mother's Day KitchenAid Stand Mixer at

CSFD Custom Stand Mixer | CHEFS Mix

It began as a thank you, a way to give back to those who gave so much to us last year. I am talking about the first customized stand mixer that we had created. Little did we know that it would lead to so much more!

Last summer Colorado Springs experienced an intense wildfire season. Intense enough that we closed-up shop for a couple days and had to relocate as the wildfire raged around our offices. There were lost and damaged houses close by, but thanks to the dedication of our local firehouse crew and many others, we survived the summer.

As a thank you, we adopted our local firehouse and refitted their kitchen. Among the many tools, pieces of cookware, and cutlery was this gem:

Hand-painted by talented Seattle artist Nicole Dinardo, the artwork on the mixer is amazing. And I think the firefighters were a little smitten, too.

They Love It! | CHEFS Mix

We were in awe of Nicole’s work on the firehouse stand mixer, and approached her about doing a pair of stand mixers for a special holiday giveaway. If you did not get to see them, they were just as unique as the firehouse design.


Those pieces of art inspired us to, once again, come up with something new and equally beautiful. We announced our new stand mixer design this weekend through e-mail (one more reason to sign-up to receive CHEFS emails—hint, hint) But, if you did not get a chance to see it, this time we are celebrating Mom! Allow me to present the new and exclusive CHEFS Limited Edition Mom’s Kitchen Stand Mixer:

CHEFS Limited Edition KitchenAid Stand Mixer | CHEFS Mix

It’s a beauty, isn’t it? Nicole has been kind enough to share some fun progress shots as she has been painting and creating these mixers. I thought you might enjoying seeing them as well (below).

So you want one now, don’t you?  I know I do. I have had the finished prototype living at my desk for a couple of weeks now. Every day I fall just a little more in love with it, and I am not a lover of the color pink.


Your Turn: What do you think of the Mom’s Kitchen Stand Mixer?


Celebrating Mom! See more blogs on honoring Mom, right here at CHEFS Mix.

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