What A Crock!

Have you heard about CHEFS line of new tools, cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, and serving pieces. These signature lines of products are professional-grade designs that are only available at CHEFS Catalog.

Our latest product development is the CHEFS Kitchen Tool Crock. What is so special about a tool crock? Our product developers looked at hundreds of tool and utensil crocks available on the market. We looked at the features that we liked, that we did not like, and features we wanted to change. The result is a stylish and elegant crock that holds large and small kitchen tools with ease.

Different Crocks | CHEFS Mix

Wide mouth crock | CHEFS MixSize Is Everything

Many of the crocks we looked at were narrow at the neck limiting the number of tools that could be stored. Or, they were too deep and the smaller tools were lost at the bottom of the crock.

What We Changed:

Wide Mouth: Our crock is 7-inches across in diameter, and 22 inches in circumference.

Low Height: Standing at 7 inches tall, small utensils are easy to see and grab. It also fits nicely under low cabinets.

Hold Large Utensils: From a small spatula to a rolling pin, this crock will hold all of your kitchen tools ready to use.

Separate But Equal

As we put tools into all the crocks we evaluated, we did not like that they would get tangled together or that as the crock filled handles got in the way of putting more tools inside

Crock Divider | CHEFS Mix

What We Changed:

Internal Divider: We developed an internal divider for our signature crock.

The divider helps keep tools separate and standing straight. It is also removable and dishwasher safe. Need to clean the crock, simply remove the divider to get right down to the bottom.

Skid Proof Disk: The matching inner silicone disc provides a soft place to for the cooking tools to land and keeps the utensils from sliding around, preserving the utensils and keeping the crock scratch-free. The disc is also removable and easily cleaned with soap and water.

Wide Mouth Utensil Crock | CHEFS Mix

And It Has to Look Good

Having a new crock that held the tools was the goal, but we wanted to look good, too.

What We Changed:

Utilitarian But Attractive: This high-glaze tool crock is attractively styled to fit into any décor. Available in red, blue and white (coming soon), there is one for every kitchen.

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