Happy New Year from CHEFS Mix

New Year’s resolutions are tricky things. For years I never made any—I refused to feel guilty over goals that were made under duress and potentially under the influence of an adult beverage at a New Year’s Eve party. This year, I broke with my own tradition and made a few resolutions:

New Year Resolutions1) Waste Less: Whether it is the leftovers that waste away in the refrigerator, friendships that have grown distant, or opportunities to make a difference for someone else, in 2013 I resolve to waste less and make the most of all the blessings I have in my life.

2) Celebrate More: I find myself saving things for that “special day”—a recipe, a serving dish, a card that made me think of someone special. In 2013, I resolve to celebrate more. I will celebrate the small things in life every day.

We have also made a resolution for the CHEFS Mix Blog: to provide useful information about products and delicious recipes to our readers. With that resolution in mind, we would love more of your feedback. What would you like to see us write about in 2013? What products would you like us to demonstrate or answer questions about?

Your Turn: What resolutions are you making for 2013?

Share your resolutions and thoughts for how we can make CHEFS Mix Blog better and more useful to you below in the comments or email me directly at CHEFSmix@CHEFScatalog.com!

Bloody Mary | CHEFS MixP.S. By the way, today is National Bloody Mary Day. I am not a fan of this brunch “restorative.” The recipes I have tried have never made me want a second glass. If you like the Bloody Mary and have a great recipe, I would love to know your recipe! Will you share it with me?

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