Stocking Stuffers

As a child, the stocking was my favorite part of my family’s Christmas tradition. I always, always got a giant candy cane. No one in my family liked peppermint, so it was a special treat that I made last all year.

As an adult, I still have fun seeing what little gadgets get left in my stocking. Typically, they are going to be something kitchen related—occupational hazard. But as much as I enjoyed the candy cane as a child, I like playing with all the kitchen “toys” that end up in my stocking every year.

Here are a few favorites gadgets, perfect as stocking stuffers, that I have given or recommended recently from CHEFS product selection.

1.    Measuring spoons

Measuring Spoons | CHEFS Catalog

Much to my chagrin, I will lose a measuring spoon to the garbage disposal at least once every couple of years. Last year I received the Endurance Spice Measuring Spoons, and I love them. They fit nicely into spice jars and tins.

I also have a set of Dual Magnetic Measuring Spoons. I attached these to the vent-a-hood above my stove. They stay in easy reach when I am cooking. No having to dig in the drawer when I need them.

2.    Spatulas

Spatulas | CHEFS Catalog

It is my firm belief that a kitchen cannot have too many spatulas. A couple of them end up in my stocking every year.

3.    Oven Gloves

Oven Gloves | CHEFS Catalog
I love these gloves! I cannot imagine my kitchen without them. I love being able to move my fingers and lift something hot. I feel that I get a better grip on a hot dish than with a regular pair of oven mitts. I highly recommend them, and I give them as gifts now to everyone.

4.    Nutcracker

Nut Cracker | CHEFS Catalog

I received the Drosselmeyer nutcracker and it is the best nut cracker I have ever owned. Plus the name is fun—Drosselmeyer made the doll that becomes a prince in the story The Nutcracker.

It’s funnel shape fits most nuts I have ever put into it, and a quick squeeze is all it takes to crack the nut shell. Another tool I recommend without reservations.

5.    Can Opener

Can Opener | CHEFS Catalog
For some reason, when I am shopping I never think to pick one up. But it gets quite a bit of use in the kitchen. They eventually get a bit dull, so a new one is always appreciated.

6.    Drink rocks/cubes

Drink Rocks/Cubes | CHEFS Catalog

I was skeptical about these artificial ice cubes. But to my amazement, they do work. Plus, they won’t melt and water down a drink.

They are a novel stocking find that many people won’t think to pick up for themselves. If you have a whiskey lover, they need a set of these.

7.    Measuring Scoops

Measuring Scoop | CHEFS Catalog
Now these are the cookie scoops, but true measuring scoops. I use these in my dry goods: flour, oats, etc. They are great for quick measuring and useful throughout the kitchen. They are a bit big for a stocking, but are a great tool for any cook.

8.    Onion Goggles 

Onion Goggles
No kitchen should be without onion goggles. I know they sound silly, but they really do work. My set hangs from the handle of my chef’s knife in my knife block. When I reach for the knife, my goggles are right there. They are a fun and conversational gift, too. Guests in my kitchen may laugh, but my eyes don’t sting when I am chopping onions.

9.    14-inch Olive Wood Cooking Spoon

Olive Wood Cooking Spoon | CHEFS Catalog
This spoon is a beauty and is a favorite in my own kitchen. I will be giving it to several of the people on my gift list this year. It is comfortable in hand, and long enough to really reach to the bottom of a deep sauce pot to get things stirred around. That it also looks good in the tool crock on my counter is just a bonus.

10.    CHEFS Gift Card

CHEFS Gift Card | CHEFS Catalog
I think this is what many of the cooks and bakers on my gift list look forward to the most. There is always something they want or need. It’s a great way of getting them just what they want.

Your Turn:

What cooking related stocking stuffers to you like to give to your friends and family?

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