• Gifts for Dessert Lovers at CHEFScatalog.com

    Gifts for Dessert Lovers! (And A Giveaway)

    Each of knows a couple people who not only eat and breathe desserts, but live for dessert—whether to partake in it or to prepare it or both. This post is for them, and, well, yes, for all the rest of us, too!

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  • Hanukkah Cookies at CHEFS Mix Blog at CHEFScatalog.com

    Hanukkah Cookies Sweeten Festival of Lights

    Hanukkah cookies typically are sugar cookies created in the shape of Jewish symbols, such as the Star of David, a dreidel, or a menorah. They can be decorated with icing or colored sugar as well.

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  • Spice up the holidays with CHEFS Spices at CHEFScatalog.com

    Spice Up Your Holidays!

    Smells, good or bad, can trigger a flood of memories or affect your mood. During this holiday season let CHEFS Spices fill your homes with all kinds of enticing aromas. Revel in the flood of memories they create.

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  • Gifts for your Early Riser Chef from CHEFSCatalog.com

    Gifts for the Early Riser

    Do you know someone who is an early riser? Here are some Christmas gift suggestions to encourage the early riser in your life.

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  • What's On The Menu Today at CHEFScatalog.com? Sugar Cookies!

    On The Menu: Sugar Cookies

    One of the most anticipated holiday traditions is baking and decorating cookies with the whole family. In my house, I try to experiment with different cookie recipes, but always bake sugar cookies every year.

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  • 141211-banner-white-christmas-cookies-83402779

    I’m Dreaming of White … Christmas Cookies

    Even if I can’t summon snow at will on Christmas, I can channel my love for a Winter Wonderland into my baking. Cookies in the shape of snowflakes get me my white Christmas, even when the weather doesn’t help.

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